Requirements for Getting Married are as follows:

  • Notice must be given to the Civil Registrar of Marriages at least three months in advance. The local office is at the rear of St. Camillus’s Hospital. The address is :
    The Register of Marriages
    St. Camillus’s Hospital
    Shelbourne Road
  • Baptism Certificate issued within six months of marriage date.
  • Confirmation Certificate (old copy will do).
  • A simple Letter of Freedom may be required if you have lived away from your present parish for over six months of your adult life (you would obtain this from the parish you resided in for over six months) or a sworn Affidavit from a Commissioner of Oaths.
  • Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form for both the bride and the groom from their present parish. This is the most important requirement. It has to be obtained in person and signed personally with documents 1,2,3 and 4 included. This should be completed three months before the wedding date.

You are very welcome to have a priest relative or priest friend preside at your wedding, but please ask him to make contact with Fr Garrett.

Couples who are not Parishioners, are asked to contribute €250 for the use of the Church.

Couples should contact ACCORD on 061-343000 to arrange a Pre- marriage course.

We will also help you with the details of the wedding Mass and arrange a rehearsal.

We wish you every happiness.

Fr. Garrett

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If you would like to check out some local musicians who may be available to play at your wedding, here is a short list:

Go to for information on Marriage Preparation Courses and other information on getting married in Limerick Diocese.

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